President Solih Meets with Island Council and WDC Members of N. Holhudhoo

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Saturday visited Holhudhoo Island in the South Miladhunmadulu Atoll and met with the Island Council and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) members. At the meeting, the island’s community leaders expressed their gratitude to the President for the developmental progress seen on the island under his administration. The meeting was held at the Secretariat of the Holhudhoo Island Council.

At the meeting, the council members shared their most relevant needs and concerns with the President. Council members inquired with the President about plans to alleviate the challenges facing Meyna School and spoke about the need for sports facilities, coastal protection, and road construction. They also discussed with the President the development of the uninhabited island of Holhumeedhoo and shared their concerns related to the new healthcare centre project, the need for a larger mosque, and expediting the police station project.

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Speaking about the administration’s developmental plans for the island, the President said that his administration would address the challenges facing Meyna School accordingly and that essential services would be established in Holhumeedhoo with the approval of its land-use plan. He told the representatives that the road construction project would commence with the completion of water and sewerage system projects and revealed that funds would be earmarked in the budget next year for coastal protection.

The President also stated that the police station project was progressing according to plan and that the administration would seek ways to address the concerns raised at the meeting. He is accompanied by Cabinet ministers and senior government officials on his visit to two islands in the North and South Miladhunmadulu Atolls.

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