“Ras’Ain” App Launched to Support Fishermen and Maritime Safety

A new mobile application called “Ras’Ain” has been launched in the Maldives, providing essential tools and information for fishermen and vessels operating within the country’s waters. The app was officially unveiled during the inauguration ceremony of the National Defense Force Air Force.

Designed to streamline operations and enhance safety, the “Ras’Ain” app offers a range of features. Fishermen can access detailed charts of Maldivian waters, locate fishing grounds, and track vessel movements in real-time. Additionally, the app provides crucial weather updates and allows users to send emergency alerts.

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President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, speaking at the launch ceremony, highlighted the app’s importance in modernizing the fishing industry and optimizing the use of Maldivian waters. The President emphasized the app’s potential to pinpoint fishing areas, reducing search time and expenses.

The “Ras’Ain” app also prioritizes maritime security by including marine safety guidelines, facilitating distress calls, and providing real-time weather information. Furthermore, it features details on diving sites across the Maldives.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, ensuring widespread accessibility for those operating within Maldivian waters.

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