Salon Maldives Wraps Up a Successful Debut Event Showcasing Prestigious Beauty Brands

Salon Maldives has successfully concluded their debut event on 9th August 2023. The Salon Maldives Event was an exclusive showcase of world renowned brands represented by Salon Maldives locally. The event floor featured a curated selection of products and services; each representing the pinnacle of quality and innovation in the beauty industry worldwide.

The event unfolded across two distinct sessions. The first of which featured illuminating presentations by the brand ambassadors. The audience received valuable insights into the brands, their products and practices. Given the diligences Salon Maldives pay to working with brands that prioritize sustainability, this was a key highlight of the presentations. Salon Maldives’s current portfolio includes global brands like Biologique Recherche of France, Nora Bode of Germany, Davines of Italy, and Lycon of Australia. The inaugural sessions of the event was attended by spa directors, general managers and purchasing mangers from resorts across the Maldives, and local salon owners from all around the country as well.

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The CEO and Founder of Salon Maldives, Nada Fathimath highlighted the companies mission — to bring together the beauty and wellness industry across the country to work together to elevate the industry to new heights and stay ahead of the curve of the ever-evolving beauty landscape. Salon Maldives aims to be your partner in the industry; by forging new partnerships with local salons and luxury resorts helping them deliver truly exceptional experiences to their clients and guest. Ms. Nada also revealed plans to inaugurate the Maldives Beauty and Wellness Awards, a platform designed to honor and celebrate outstanding individuals and establishments within the industry. Additionally, there’s an ambitious endeavor on the horizon: the establishment of an institute dedicated to nurturing and developing the unique talents of our community within the Beauty and Wellness sector.

Post-presentation, attendees had the privilege of exploring individual stalls dedicated to each showcased brand. This immersive experience allowed for a deeper connection with the brands, featuring live demonstrations and interactive product testing.

The event’s success seamlessly flowed into its second session, which provided an engaging evening for Nada Salon and Nada Clinic’s esteemed clientele. Both establishments fall under the umbrella of Salon Maldives. This interactive segment not only heightened brand awareness among consumers and the general public, but also treated visitors to an evening immersed in beauty and luxury, courtesy of Salon Maldives.

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