SIMDI Group and Dilmah Tea Hold Joint Press Conference

SIMDI Group and Dilmah Tea held a joint press conference on 26th December 2022 at SIMDI Main Office with the CEO of Dilmah Tea, Mr. Dilhan Crishantha Fernando & General Manager of SIMDI Group, Mr. Yooshau Saeed. Mr. Dilhan visited Maldives to meet and greet the SIMDI group and Dilmah tea clients in the Maldives. In addition, Mr. Dilhan will work with some significant hospitality industry customers to share tea-inspired experiences combining tea with food.

Sri Lankan-based company Dilmah Tea was launched in 1985 and was the first producer-owned tea brand. Dilmah tea is known for its freshness and rich flavours with natural goodness, making it one of the world’s finest teas. SIMDI Group is the exclusive distributor of Dilmah Tea in the Maldives. The partnership between SIMDI Group & Dilmah Tea spans more than 20 years. During the press conference, it was highlighted that Dilmah was the first partner company to visit SIMDI and hold a trade event following the pandemic.

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During the press conference, Mr. Dilhan revealed how happy he is with Dilmah’s partnership with SIMDI Group. With the boom in the Maldives’ hospitality industry, they are in a stronger position than before. SIMDI Group and Dilmah Tea share a deep understanding and philosophy of integrity, honesty, and service quality, contributing to their relationship’s enduring strength and commitment. The General Manager of SIMDI Group, Mr. Yooshau Saeed also mentioned an excellent opportunity he got to visit Dilmah Tea in Sri Lanka. On the trip, Mr. Yooshau got to meet the founder Mr. Merrill J. Fernando, and speak about the inspirational story behind Dilmah and the story behind every product they introduce into the market. Today, Dilmah Tea holds a strong position with an international presence in over 100 countries supported by an extensive global distribution network.

With the milestones of being the number one brand in New Zealand, within the top three in Australia, and the brand’s presence in most global high-end hotels and restaurants. Apart from the strong market presence and unique products, Dilmah also works towards upholding tea traditions through the Dilmah School of Tea. The General Manager of SIMDI Group, Mr. Yooshau Saeed, spoke about Dilmah’s contribution to the development and sustainability of the hospitality industry in the Maldives. General Manager stated, “SIMDI Group, being the partner of Dilmah, along with the opportunities granted by the Dilmah School of Tea, has been taking some of the key customers and F&B experts from resorts to the Dilmah School of Tea, where they get the opportunity to experience Dilmah tea and come back, more efficient, educated and more aware of Dilmah tea and hospitality industry.”

The press conference with Mr. Dilhan gave exciting and insightful information on Dilmah tea production, the commitment to natural and herbal innovations, and the plan to reach out to the new generations of tea enthusiasts.

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