SIMDI Tech Unveils Canon Photography Course

Photo: SIMDI Group

SIMDI Tech is set to launch a Canon Photography Course in June, taught by veteran photographer Yasin Hameed. 

The course, tentatively scheduled to commence in June, will be held at the SIMDI Tech Service Centre, located at G. Greenlin, Neeloafaru Magu, Male’ City.

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The registration deadline is set for 5th June 2024.

According to SIMDI Tech, Yasin Hameed, with his extensive experience in photography spanning over three decades, will lead the course, offering invaluable expertise and guidance to participants.

SIMDI reports that participants will have the opportunity to refine their skills and explore various facets of photography through hands-on sessions and interactive workshops.

Whether attendees are beginners seeking to grasp the fundamentals or seasoned photographers aiming to polish their techniques, SIMDI Tech says the course curriculum is designed to cater to diverse skill levels.

Participants can select their preferred modules based on their interests and availability. Classes are scheduled on Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays, and afternoon and evening sessions are available.

Class Schedule:

  • Days: Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
  • Timing: 3 pm – 4 pm, 7 pm – 9 pm

Course Modules:

1. Photography Fundamentals (MVR 3000): Ideal for beginners, this module provides a solid foundation in photography basics, covering topics such as camera settings, composition techniques, and exposure control.

2. Photo Editing (MVR 4000): This module dives into the realm of post-processing. Participants will learn essential photo editing techniques using popular software tools to enhance their images and bring out their full potential.

3. Studio Lighting (MVR 2500): This module is perfect for those interested in studio photography. It focuses on mastering the art of lighting techniques in controlled environments, enabling participants to create professional-looking portraits and product shots.

Individuals interested in taking the Canon Photography Course are advised to register via the official website. SIMDI Tech notes that an 8% GST will be added to the course fee.

Interested individuals can contact SIMDI Tech at 3334427 or via email at for inquiries and registration.

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