Sprite Encourages Maldivians to ‘Drink It & Bin It’ to Win Exciting Prizes

To celebrate the recent transformation of Sprite packaging from its famous green bottle to a clear one in Maldives, the brand is showing up at different locations in the Male region to encourage consumers to give a new life to empty PET Plastic bottles.

As part of a global shift by Coca-Cola towards 100% recyclable packaging, Sprite transformed its packaging in the Maldives from its famous green bottle to a clear package in September 2021, giving a higher chance of being collected, recycled and reused. The new clear/transparent Sprite PET bottle is 100% recyclable as before, but now increases the value of the plastic in the after-use market and its ability to remain in the circular economy to be reused for multiple purposes.

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Building up on this new sustainability initiative, the ‘Drink It & Bin It’ campaign highlights Sprite’s efforts to encourage consumers to be responsible with their waste. Urging people to put their empty bottles in a bin, Sprite is taking definitive action to change the behaviour of consumers by rewarding them for the simple act of discarding a post-consumed Sprite bottle responsibly.

From March 18-19 (3-6pm), basketball-themed “dunk bins” will pop up at the Maldives National University’s Central Administration Block in Male. The “dunk bins” will be placed at the Central Park in the satellite town of Hulhumale from March 25-26 (3-6pm). Consumers can take part in the competition, and stand the chance to win Apple Watch Series 7s, AirPod Pros and gift vouchers from partner restaurants by following the below steps:

  1. Enquiring where the bins are placed through an AI Bot on Instagram or WhatsApp which will assist and direct them to the nearest location;
  2. Buying a Clear Sprite bottle or getting a bottle from the sampling station at the location;
  3. Clicking two photos: one drinking and the other dunking in the bin; and,
  4. Posting the two photos on the participant’s Facebook or Instagram profile and tagging @spritemaldives

Weekly winners will be announced via @spritemaldives on Instagram.

During the campaign, Coca-Cola’s partner NGO, Maldives Ocean Plastic Alliance (MOPA) will collect empty bottles dunked in the bins. The collected bottles will go on to be recycled and upcycled into everyday items like branded sneakers, swimwear and garments, creating a circular economy around plastic waste.

The awareness campaign also coincides with the first ever consumer promotion in Maldives by Sprite. Running from February 1 until April 4, 2022, the ‘Chill with Sprite and Your Screen’ campaign aims to inspire consumers to stay fully refreshed during their screen time at home while standing the chance to win BIG!

Crisp, refreshing and clean-tasting, Sprite is a lemon and lime-flavoured soft drink. It first hit shop shelves back in 1961 and today it’s sold in more than 190 countries. The Coca-Cola Company, through its bottling partner, Male’ Aerated Water Company Pvt Ltd., has introduced a range of hydrating and delicious beverages to the Maldives including Sprite.

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