Maldives’ Tourism Gets Boost with Direct Flights from 22 Countries

The Ministry of Tourism recently released statistics stating that the Maldives has direct air connections to 22 countries, linking the Maldives directly with key destinations across Asia and Europe.

These countries include Maldives’ most prominent tourist markets, such as China, Russia, the U.K., Italy, India, and France.

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According to the Ministry of Tourism, 40 airlines are operational in the Maldives.

The Maldives has welcomed over 900,000 tourists this year and aims to attract 2 million visitors by year-end. Tourist arrivals are expected to surpass the one millionth visitor milestone by the end of this month.

The data shows tourism infrastructure in the Maldives continues to expand rapidly, with 174 resorts, 860 guesthouses, 150 safari vessels, and 14 hotels currently operational across the islands.

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