Terrorism, radicalisation and extremism can be countered wtih international support: Minister Shahid

Foreign Minister Shahid has said that terrorism, radicalisation and extremism can be tackled with the support of the international community.

The Minister made these remarks during a Facebook Live interview for Observation Research Foundation with Maya Mirchandani.

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Minister underscored the importance of global action on climate change, and highlighted challenges faced by Maldives in countering terrorism and violent extremism.

He added that this is an issue all countries face and that Maldives is actively working with countries like Sri Lanka, India, UAE and US in their fight against the problem.

Minister also revealed that the National Counter-Terrorism Center has been working with other countries as well. These include sharing intelligence reports with said countries to work against the issues.

He further added that necessary laws have been changed in efforts to block people from traveling to war zones. As such he noted that people can’t travel to certain countries without state permission and that violators are incriminated by law.

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