The 24 biggest food trends of the last decade

Over the last ten years, there have been countless trends and fads, including avocado toast, sustainable cooking, and gluten-free products.

From ramen and coffees to elaborate, over-the-top desserts, here are 24 food trends that dominated the last decade.

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Breakfast bowls: Granola with fresh fruits became a popular wellness trend.

Photo: Meraki Coffee Roasters

The avocado craze: millennial fad or the best thing since sliced bread?


Activated charcoal turned everything from ice cream to burgers black.

Photo: The Charcoal Cafe’, Maldives

Coconut oil — became a popular alternative to other cooking oils and as a wellness cure.

Photo: So Coconutty

Latte art took over as coffee culture intensified

Photo: Coffee Lab Roasters

Macarons saw an uptick in popularity in 2010s.

Photo: City Bakery, Maldives

Juice cleanse made a stand as a popular trend in the wellness scene.

Photo: The Detox Bar

Cold brew and iced coffee latte are changing the game scene.

Photo: Cold Brew from Alp Cafe & Bistro / Nescafe Latte

Isotonic drinks, the sought after sports drink for hydration.

Photo: 100 PLUS

The Ramen craze: explosive popularity in the 2010s

Photo: Lotus Fihaara

Sushi: the new culinary favorite in Maldives

Photo: Oishii the house of Sushi

High steaks for a fine steak experience

Photo: Steak and Coffee Bar

Rolled ice-cream, the ‘it’ thing on social media in early 2010s

Photo: JAM Rolled Ice-Cream

New desserts that are here to stay: Kashi Keyo ice-cream, kanamadhu cake, Tres Leches and Pavlova

Photo: Zeeba’s Deli & Bistro / Tea Box / Blood Orange by CK

Authentic Arabic cuisine for the gastronomical experience

Photo: Thoum

New flavors of Gelato and ice cream hits the market

Photo: Cafe’ier

Eggs benedict — for breakfast and brunch

Photo: Seagull Cafe’ House

Valhomas Spaghetti — sure to give you flashbacks to your childhood

Photo: Thyme

Mocktail movement inspiring new innovative drinks

Photo: Modus Operandi Coffee Co.

Mexican cuisine coming to tables across the country

Muchas Gracias

Mamak — authentic, bold and traditional flavors of Indian Malay street food

Photo: MAMAK Hulhumale’

Pizza revolution with Cajun Crispy Chicken Pizza

Photo: Pizza Buona
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