The beautiful Maldives might disappear soon

We humans are extremely careless with how we take care of the environment and are clueless about the damages we are causing. Due to the reckless actions by us humans, the polar ice caps which were once standing proudly are now melting and rising the sea levels of the Earth. The color of the oceans are also estimated to become darker with time, affecting the marine creatures leading tranquil lives underneath.

Humans are to be held responsible for this even though climate change is the cause of the side effects. We triggered this and we have to face the consequences of our irresponsibility. We need to save the Earth, and we need to do it fast. Even now, the damages are irreversible and can’t be changed to how it was before. However, we can still prevent the Earth from completely dying if we put in enough effort.

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As a country highly dependent on tourism and fishing and filled with lowland islands, Maldives will face dire consequences if climate change cause the sea levels to rise. The low lying islands will submerge in the deep waters and the entire country will end in demise, erasing the Maldives from existence. The remaining population of the country will have to settle down in foreign countries and the rich culture, language and traditions of the country will be buried deep down along with the immersed islands.

So many hear about climate change, global warming and other phenomenons and yet fail to take any necessary actions. We are unable to grasp the serious nature of these phenomenons, and their consequences to our frail country. Even if it is just you right now, try hard. Influence another person and maybe they can influence another. This is highly likely to cause a chain of reactions and hopefully will make a significant difference someday.

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