The Leaders That Actually Influence & Inspire Don’t Try Motivation, They Know Better

The best of leaders are those who trust their teams rather than just earning trust. If there is no trust, motivation will not work at all.

Lao Tzu quoted “He who does not trust enough will not be trusted”. Leadership exists in every function of the business such as sales, customer service, logistics and so on. 

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Apart from care, integrity and curiosity, the best leaders have succeeded in the global market with 3 distinct skills or abilities. The skill-set includes active listening, developing deep understanding and crafting impactful scenarios.

Firstly, A great leader should actively listen by asking questions while concentrating, responding and remembering the conversation. This will give validity and confidence to the clients. Anthony Iannarino quoted “Listening is simply caring in action. Without caring first, there is no true listening and no true communication”.

Anthony Iannarino

Secondly, a deep understanding should be built by being more curious to understand by asking thoughtful questions to have a deeper understanding of the product, challenge or situation so that the best decisions can be taken. Neil Patel quoted “The biggest barrier to even beginning is usually the lack of a deep understanding of the customer in the first place”.

Neil Patel

Lastly, the leader should be able to craft impactful scenarios by having a thorough understanding of the facts and situations. Therefore, gaps can be filled with the best solutions leading to a better future with more success.

Helping others reach their potential is the true value of a leader
The value is added by a leader in the hope that they create in people for better experiences where the visions should be seen as real by them even through stories to boost emotions to drive to growth and satisfaction.

Stories can also be told with impactful scenarios while being more open, honest and staying curious as it is the best way to help others as stories help us feel emotions to have the power to transform.  Therefore, allowing to build your leadership potential as you help others. 

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