‘The most fundamental charge of the Police Force is to protect and serve the Maldivian people’ – President Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the most fundamental charge of the Maldives Police Force has always been ensuring the complete protection of every Maldivian citizen and serving each person with the utmost care and consideration. He made the statement this morning in his address to the nation to commemorate the 87th anniversary of the Maldives Police Service.

Speaking further, the President noted that the anniversary of the Police Service has coincided, this year, with a time in all our lives where the tireless work and dedication of our Police Force is being illustrated clearly as they stand on the frontlines of the COVID-19 activities, shielding our communities and displaying their bravery and perseverance. He praised the members of the Police Service and encouraged them to continue putting the safety and security of the public above all else.

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President Solih also shed some light on the history of the Police service in the country, stating that even though the institute is celebrating 87 years of service, it has only been 16 years since the institution reformed into a civil service provider. Speaking in this regard, he stated that the most meaningful change brought to the institute has been the immense work undertaken to create a closer relationship with the public and become worthy of their trust and confidence. President Solih expressed his confidence that the service will continue to inspire trust and public approval through the operational reform to be brought to the institution over the next five years as per the strategic action plan. Highlighting work undertaken by his Administration to enhance the services, he noted the Police Services Bill that had already been submitted for Parliamentary approval. Upon ratification, the bill would open doorways to further strengthen the services being rendered to the public. President Solih stated that his Administration considers it mandatory to improve Police Services across the nation and would augment the services with the necessary equipment and training that is needed to better enforce the law, curb criminal activities and maintain peace and harmony in the country.

Speaking further, President Solih advised that with the emergence of new varieties of criminal activities, especially during these trying times, every enforcer of the law should take special care to do their duty with empathy and compassion for the victims. Citing the investigative stage as the initial and most imperative step of solving any crime, he called on enforcers to continue to do their best to expedite this stage by working in conjunction with the courts and other judiciary institutions to bring criminals to justice swiftly and fairly.

The President also extended his deepest appreciation and gratitude for the services the law enforcement officers render daily to protect the populace and called upon the public to follow the instructions given by the officials and create a closer relationship of mutual respect and understanding.

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