The President Appoints Three Members to the PCB

In accordance with the authority granted to him by Law No. 3/2013 (Privatization, Corporatization, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Government Businesses Act), President Dr Mohamed Muizzu appointed three members to the Privatization and Corporatization Board.

They are:

  • Ahmed Mushthag, Accounting and Finance Sector
  • Leena Abdul Jaleel, Banking Sector
  • Uz. Moosa Fathuhy Adam, Business Administration Sector

The Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB), comprising seven members, was formed per the ‘Law of Privatization, Corporatization, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Government Businesses’ (Law no. 3/2013). Its mandate involves overseeing privatization, corporatization, monitoring, evaluation, and the sale of public shares from government companies, government shareholding companies, and commercial government businesses, as stipulated by this law and all related procedures. The Public Enterprises Monitoring and Evaluation Division serves as the Secretariat of the PCB.

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