Thirteen Ice Plants to be Developed This Year: Minister Zaha

Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture, Zaha Waheed has declared that efforts are in progress to establish 13 ice plants across the country; a feat to reduce challenges faced by fishermen when storing fish.

Minister Zaha highlighted this project in an appearance on Raajje TV’s “Viyafaari Miadhu” program, commenting that the number of active fishing vessels has increased significantly resulting in fishermen facing extreme difficulties in acquiring ice and preserving the freshness of fish.

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The minister further revealed that the funds for this project has been received, and that work was underway to develop 13 ice plants across the country within the year.

Additionally, the minister also addressed the challenges faced by fishermen; highlighting that they have to wait in long queues before being able to land their catch. ‘

Zaha also confirms that the project to increase MIFCO’s storage capacity has already begun. Zaha details that 4000 metric tonnes would be added to the storage capacities of Felivaru and Kooddoo factories, while 500 metric tonnes of storage would be added to the storage capacity at Mulaku, as well as an excess of 1000 metric tonnes would be added to the Thinadhoo storage facility.

Minister Zaha explains that these projects are parts of the plan to facilitate the landing, storage, and sale of fish across different regions in the country and that the ministry works to promote exporting fish in a manner that is profitable for fishermen as well.

Minister Zaha also emphasizes that special attention would be given to regions of Meemu Atoll and the island of Thinadhoo in developing resources and making them accessible to fishing vessels.

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