Total Govt Spending for COVID-19 Health and Social Efforts Reaches MVR 2.1 Billion

According to the latest weekly COVID-19 spending report released by the Ministry of Finance, total government spending for pandemic-related health and social efforts has reached over MVR 2.1 billion.

As of 9 September 2021, total spending towards COVID-19 health and social efforts stood at MVR 2,106.9 million; 0.04% increase from the week before. In this review period, 34.5% of total health and social spending was committed-spending.

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In terms of week-on-week spending, Ministry of Health registered the highest spending compared to its peers. The spending was mainly on Supplies and Requisites for Service Provision.

The next significant spending was by the National drug Agency on Supplies and Requisites for Service Provision. Over the review period, other agencies only reported small incremental changes in their spending.

On the other hand, total economic response spending by the government in relation to the pandemic was unchanged from the week before. As of 9 September 2021, total disbursements made to ERP schemes stood at MVR 1,773.4 million.

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