Transport Ministry Implements Changes to Enhance Quality of Maldives Vessel Construction

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has announced key changes to improve the standard of marine vessels constructed in the Maldives.

Effective May 12, the ministry mandates that vessels exceeding 18 meters must be constructed according to a design provided by an authorised naval architect. The submitted comprehensive drawings and additional details concerning the vessel require approval from the ministry.

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To facilitate the implementation of regulations on vessel construction, the ministry has published the syllabus for the Carpenter Training Course, Boat Building and Boat Repair Inspectors Course, and Naval Architect Refresher Course on its official website. Interested institutes may submit applications after meeting specified requirements.

Starting February 12, the ministry will initiate the registration of carpenters to ensure adherence to vessel construction regulations in the Maldives. Unregistered individuals are urged to complete the required course before November 12 next year. After this date, all vessels constructed in the Maldives must be registered with the ministry and supervised by a certified carpenter who has completed the training course.

The ministry’s response to a recent fishing vessel capsising highlights a noticeable upward trend in such incidents. Concerns have been raised about the absence of specific regulations in vessel construction, with some attributing accidents to the lack of established guidelines.

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