Universal Donates 2 PCR Machines

Universal Enterprises Pvt. Ltd has donated 2 PCR machines to the Health Ministry.

This is the first time a private company donated PCR machines to the Maldives. However, PPE kits, test kits, and ventilators have been previously donated by some private companies.

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While it has been 4 months since the Maldives experienced its first COVID-19 Case, PCR machines have been in use since late February to test its patients for COVID-19.

At the time, these tests were being carried out by Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH). The process further broadened allowing Police Laboratories, ADK Hospital, and Senahiya to test the patients for the global virus. Apart from these tests, anti-body tests have also been carried out by these places.

According to the Health Ministry, the ministry is working hard to increase the number of tests being made per day, in order to classify the number of positive cases daily.

HPA states that the Maldives has so far, seen 3506 positive cases of COVID-19 and 929 patients are under treatment. 2547 patients have been recovered from the disease while in the past 24 hours, Maldives has reported another 137 of positive cases.

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