Yet Another Limit by MIFCO! Seven Tonnes of Fish to be Weighed From Each Vessel

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd` (MIFCO) has revealed that seven tonnes of fish will be weighed from each vessel starting from 17th April onwards.

This is the second time MIFCO has set a limit in two weeks. The company had previously set a limit of five tonnes for each vessel.

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In relation to the limits, fishermen protested in Kooddoo. MIFCO then lifted the limit in response to the protests.

In a statement, the company said that as the southern fisheries industry has greatly improved, fish is still weighed beyond capacity. Therefore, in order to resolve difficulties in freezing fish, a new limit of seven tonnes of fish has now been set.

MIFCO stated that the number of fish caught has been maintained at the same time level these days. Hence, weighing seven tonnes of fish can be managed at the same level as the capacity, according to MIFCO.

MIFCO has a capacity of 420 tonnes in the southern region. The company has sent its vessel, Jazeera-102 to Kooddoo in order to increase the capacity.

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