2 million people at Mecca for Hajj

Photo : AFP

Saudi Arabia reports more than 2 million people gathered at Mecca for this years Hajj.

Speaking to the press, Spokesperson for Foreign Ministry, Major General Mansoor Al Turki said that all the facilities needed at Mecca, Medina, Mina, Arafat and Muzdhalifa has been established.

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He also stated that 88% of pilgrims came through airlines. While 50% of them came through Medina.. 240,000 people from Saudi Arabia alone will be doing the Hajj.

Spokesperson for Health Ministry, Mishal Al Rubain said that 25 Hospital and 155 Health Centers will be ready. While 180 ambulance are always on stand by.

5,300 people from 94 countries will be joining the Hajj under Saudi king’s “Guest Program”

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