Maldivian Government decided to donate to Relief Efforts in Flood-Hit State of Kerala

The Maldives government has decided to donate USD 50,000 to India, for the ongoing rescue and relief operations in the flood-hit state of Kerala.

At this time of national distress, the Government of Maldives conveys profound sympathies to the Government and the people of India, in particular to those directly affected by the tragedy, as well as commiserations to the members of the bereaved families.

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Due to the torrential rain and flash flood in Kerela, it was effected to the people who are living in Trivandrum and Cochin which many of the Maldivians who are currently living in both cities. 100 people of Maldives has been safely rescued from Cochin to Trivandrum.

More than 150 lives have been lost due to torrential rain and flash floods in Kerala since August 8.

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