3 New Ambassadors to the Maldives Present Credentials to President Solih

Three new ambassadors to the Maldives have presented their credentials to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.


Firstly, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to the Maldives, Bonnie Horbach, presented her credentials to President Solih. The ceremony was held at the President’s Office. Speaking with the Ambassador afterward, the President congratulated her on her new appointment and discussed ways to strengthen the existing relations between the two countries.

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During the discussions, the President expressed hope that the Dutch government would consider easing visa requirements for Maldivians. He also spoke about expanding cooperation in the fisheries sector and expressed hope of reducing tariffs levied on Maldivian fisheries exports.

The President and the Ambassador also discussed ways to increase training and higher education opportunities for Maldivian students and other areas of mutual interest, including tourism, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and regional security. The Dutch Ambassador expressed the interest of Dutch private sector companies in investing in the Maldives.


The Ambassador of Algeria to the Maldives, Abderrahmane Benguerrah, also presented credentials to President Solih.

Meeting the new Ambassador afterward, the President welcomed the Ambassador to the Maldives and congratulated him on his new appointment. The President said Algeria and the Maldives are deeply rooted in the Islamic faith and share common cultural values. The President shared the Maldives government’s commitment to enhancing bilateral and multilateral engagements.

At the meeting, Ambassador Benguerrah stressed the historic friendship and good relations between the two nations, highlighting areas of mutual interest and cooperation.


Lastly, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Maldives, David Emmanuel Puig Buchel, presented his letter of credence to President Solih.

Meeting the Ambassador after the credentials ceremony, President Solih congratulated the Ambassador upon his appointment and emphasised that the Maldives and the Dominican Republic had maintained 12 years of stable diplomatic relations.

The President and the Ambassador discussed various topics of mutual interest, including promoting sustainable tourism, environmental cooperation, and building disaster resilience.

Before concluding the meeting, the President and the Ambassador reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries in areas of mutual interest and working alongside each other on the multilateral front.

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