Maldives Poised to Welcome One Millionth Tourist of the Year By June-End

Aerial of Brennia Kottefaru. Photo: Corporate Maldives

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal has announced that the Maldives is set to welcome its one millionth tourist of the year later this month. The announcement was made during an exclusive interview with PSM News.

Minister Faisal highlighted that over 900,000 tourists have already visited the Maldives this year, with the one millionth visitor expected to arrive by the end of June. “We are confident in achieving our target,” he said, pointing to the robust growth in tourist arrivals. 

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Recent statistics from the Ministry of Tourism reveal that as of 10 June, 932,398 tourists have visited the Maldives, representing a 9.6% increase compared to the same period last year, when 850,794 tourists had arrived. Currently, the Maldives welcomes an average of 3,650 tourists daily. If this trend continues, the one millionth tourist is likely to arrive on 28 or 29 June.

The government has been making considerable efforts to bolster tourism, setting an ambitious target of attracting two million visitors by the end of the year. Minister Faisal expressed optimism about meeting this goal, citing current projections which anticipate between 2.1 to 2.2 million tourists by year’s end. 

The Ministry of Tourism states they are confident these figures reflect the success of various initiatives aimed at promoting the Maldives globally.

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