Aasandha Revokes Eases in Services Previously Allowed During COVID-19 Pandemic

Aasandha, the state insurance provider, has withdrawn the relief it granted on benefits in light of the COVID -19 pandemic.

Aasandha had modified the consultation and dispensing of prescription drugs under the insurance scheme. These changes include acceptance of national ID card numbers instead of physical presentation of national ID cards to make medical appointments.

Due to  the improvement of the COVID -19 situation in the Maldives, the company has decided to end these eases. It is now essential for patients to present an original or copy of their national ID card or passport to access Aasandha insurance benefits.

During the pandemic, Aasandha had allowed patients taking long-term medications to take medications on the same prescription a second time without having to renew their prescription. This permission no longer exists.

Additionally, Aasandha insurance only covers electronic prescriptions. Handwritten prescriptions are not covered.

Aasandha stated that online consultations in the future will only be provided by medical facilities that offer their services through the Vinavi portal. Patients who use online consultations and need additional services will have to request them through the Vinavi portal.

Moreover, no additional services will be available without prior registration on Vinavi.

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