CMCC Reclaims 23 Hectares in Hulhumale’ Phase 3 Project, Efforts Resume Post EPA Approval

Capital Marine and Civil Construction (CMCC), the contractor responsible for the Hulhumale’ Phase 3 reclamation project, is on course to reclaim a total of 63 hectares of land under the initiative. Launched in September last year, the project has so far seen the successful reclamation of 23 hectares.

The reclamation efforts had been halted by the directive of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to the mass coral bleaching event that the Maldives experienced. However, with the recent approval from the EPA, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) resumed reclamation efforts for the remaining 40 hectares on Monday afternoon.

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The project, aimed at providing long-term housing solutions for residents in the Greater Male’ area, faces a significant challenge due to the presence of several ships and vessels still berthed in the Phase 3 channel. Despite multiple notices, these vessels have not yet been relocated. HDC has urged the owners of these vessels to move them immediately to avoid potential damage and to facilitate the reclamation process without hindrance.

Hulhumale’ Phase 3 reclamation is a critical component of the broader initiative to address housing shortages in the Greater Male’ region. The reclaimed land is slated for the development of a series of housing flats and other accommodation options, which will provide much-needed residential solutions for the area’s growing population.

As the project progresses, the cooperation of vessel owners and other stakeholders will be essential in ensuring the successful and timely completion of the reclamation efforts, ultimately contributing to the enhanced living conditions for the residents of the Greater Male’ area.

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