Delight in the Moolee Minivan Sale: Exciting Discounts on Maldivian Brands

Maldivian brands including Thakethi, Mahi Mahi Books, Pepper Dots, Kaishi and Luikaanaa are offering exciting discounts and free delivery nationwide on Moolee Minivan Sale. With a 10% discount on authentic Maldivian products featured on the platform Moolee Minivan sale will continue till 31st July 2023.

Thakethi Interactive Products:

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Thakethi presents a delightful collection of interactive products for children of all ages. From captivating children’s books to educational games, Thakethi offers an enchanting experience for young minds. Explore products such as Thaana Kodi, Alif Baa Poster, Aharennakee Fehurisseh, and more.
Shop Thakethi products on Moolee Minivan Sale at

Explore the World of Dhivehi Educational Books with Mahi Mahi Books:

Mahi Mahi Books brings you a treasure trove of Dhivehi educational books specially curated for children. Stimulate their imagination with titles like Raalheh libeytho, Hurihaa Ehcheh hehdhevy Allah, and many others. Buy Mahi Mahi Books on Moolee Minivan Sale at

Unearth the Beauty of the Ocean with Pepper Dots:

Pepper Dots, inspired by the life beneath the waves, offers a mesmerizing collection of hand-strung key tags, soft toys, and wall hangers. Each product is crafted with unparalleled authenticity, bringing the spirit of the Maldives into your homes. Discover Dhimaakuramaa game, Moodhu Puzzle, Kamana Puzzle, and more on Moolee Minivan Sale. Shop Pepper Dots products on Moolee Minivan Sale at

Embrace Natural Beauty with Kaishi Coconut Oil:

Kaishi, the local business renowned for its high-quality and affordable coconut oil products, invites you to experience the goodness of healthy hair and skin. Pamper yourself with Kaishi Coconut Oil, now available with a 10% discount. Buy Kaishi Coconut Oil on Moolee Minivan Sale at

Savour the Authentic Maldivian Delicacies with Luikaanaa:

Luikaanaa, the esteemed producer of authentic Maldivian delicacies, is offering an exclusive 10% discount on its delectable products on Moolee Minivan Sale. Indulge in the flavours of Kudhi Gulha, Kulhi Kaajaa, Athujehi, Muru Muru, Foni Maa, Bondi, and more. Buy Luikaanaa on Moolee Minivan Sale at

Shop now via and have your purchase delivered right to your doorstep, across the nation. 

Moolee Minivan sale will continue till 31st July 2023.

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