Embracing the Future with SmartCom – Urbanco’s Vision to Redefine Quality Living

The Urbanco’s brand, SmartCom, is making significant strides in the technological realm, breathing life into the vision of redefining quality living. By leveraging technology, SmartCom aims to transform Hulhumalé, creating a better, more comfortable life for its residents.

Solving the Parking Puzzle with Smart Parking

One of SmartCom’s most prominent initiatives is the development of smart parking facilities. These state-of-the-art facilities are designed to ease the burden of finding a parking space, a challenge that many urban dwellers face daily.

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The recently launched Firthuroanu Smart Parking is an excellent example of this innovation. This intelligent parking solution, exclusively designed for four-wheel vehicles, employs cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to streamline the parking process. AI cameras read the license plates of registered vehicles, allowing seamless entry and exit while maintaining the highest security standards. The system is designed to differentiate between various types of vehicles and only recognizes legitimate vehicles, ensuring the integrity of the facility.

This 24/7 facility negates the need for human interaction during parking, further emphasizing the convenience factor. The Urbanco app has been integrated into the system, allowing users to conveniently book parking spaces. With a few taps, users can select their desired booking time and pay online, and they are even provided with directions to the facility via Google Maps.

Long-Term and Short-Term Parking

Long-term parking is provided through a unique, bid-based auction system. Customers winning the bid receive a three-year parking period and make monthly payments alongside an initial deposit. This approach offers a practical solution for residents seeking a dedicated parking space. However, terms and conditions apply.

On the other hand, the short-term parking option allows customers to pre-book parking slots for shorter durations through the Urbanco app. After selecting their preferred booking time, customers can effortlessly make online payments.

Inclusivity: A Priority in Smart Parking

Addressing inclusivity, SmartCom has dedicated parking spaces for persons with disabilities. This free parking slot represents SmartCom’s commitment to ensuring its services cater to all citizens, further exemplifying their efforts towards social inclusion.

Expanding Horizons: Upcoming SmartCom Projects

SmartCom’s mission extends beyond the successful implementation of the Firthuroanu Smart Parking facility. Addressing Hulhumalé’s challenging parking problem is at the forefront of SmartCom’s agenda, with plans to extend smart parking to many other locations in Hulhumale’.

The brand is also tackling roadside parking issues, aiming to introduce efficient, high-tech solutions to counteract the struggles associated with implementing regulatory measures.

Towards the First Smart City in Maldives

However, the vision to redefine quality living extends beyond smart parking. SmartCom has taken on the responsibility of transforming Hulhumalé into the first smart city in the Maldives. This ambitious project involves addressing core issues through the use of cutting-edge technology and encouraging positive citizen engagement.

SmartCom firmly believes that the key to true transformation lies in centering technology around people and encouraging citizen-led problem-solving. With the capabilities of the SmartCom team, the reality of creating the first smart city is within reach.

The journey may be long, but as the saying goes, even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For Urbanco and SmartCom, these steps are already being taken on multiple fronts, inching closer every day to making this vision a reality.

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