Etihad Airways celebrates 5 years of operations in the Maldives

Etihad Airlines is one of the top airline brands that operate in the Maldives and today celebrated 5 years of success in the country at a small function held at Hotel Jen.

The country manager for the airline Hassan Al Hashimee stated in his speech that the airline has helped in carrying forward some of the main sectors of the Maldivian economy such as Tourism and Fisheries. h also added that the airline is very much involved in many economic activities in the country and they are undoubtedly the airline that exports the most fish in the country.

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Etihad is a leading airline in the international travel industry with them taking home the World Travel Awards’ Best Leading Airways award this year as well. The awards are the result of the meticulous and thoughtful service they give to their customers said the country manager.

The airline has been operating in the Maldives since 2011 and now travel over to 600 destinations across the globe.



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