Hassan Marine Engineering Solutions

Hassan Marine Engineering Solutions commenced operations in 1999. Starting off as a Service Center specializing in repair and maintenance of out-board engines, which to date, remains the main form of propulsion for high speed transportation in the Maldives.

Hassan Marine quickly grew and expanded under the vision of the Company’s Proprietor, Mr. Hassan Haleem who has over twenty years’ experience working in marine mechanical engineering, island resort construction project and retail and wholesale of electronic and electrical products.

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Furthermore, the business of Hassan Marine has expanded to include distribution of world – renowned marine products which fit into the core business of the company.

Hassan Marine is the authorized local dealer/distributor in Maldives for the below mentioned products. All the products in our distributorship portfolio are of the highest quality and globally renowned brands, combined with our experience in the industry in provision of unparalleled after sales service will ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Quicksilver – Marine Accessories & Lubricants

Multiflex – Steering & Engine Control Systems


Mercury Outboard Engines

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