Hotel Jen Resumes Services After Rebranding

The renown tourist hotel in Male’, Hotel Jen, has resumed services after rebranding to call itself “Jen Maldives Male’, by Shangri-La”.

Upon its recommence, this Hotel will provide services to both locals and tourists. However, at the moment, the hotel is being used as a transit stay for tourists visiting resorts.

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According to the marketing and communications manager of Jen Maldives Male’, by Shangri-La, Nina Mohamed, transit passengers are allowed to book rooms for a duration of 1-2 days. She also highlights that the hotel’s services will be made available for airline crews when the airlines start transiting in the Maldives.

Although the hotel is currently being used by transit passengers its services can be obtained by locals as well. This includes services of ‘Jen kitchen on the go’, ‘Azur’ restaurant, gym and pool.

Azur Rooftop Restaurant – Hotel Jen

All of its services are issued in accordance with the guidelines provided by Shangri-La International and Health Protection Agency (HPA). Arrangements have been made to check the temperature of its customers, with sanitizers being placed around the Hotel. Customers are asked to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in order to practice social distancing.

As stated by Nina, guidelines for the usage of gym and pool of Jen Maldives Male’, by Shangri-La has also been changed. She highlights a maximum of 5 people can use the pool at once, while 1 person is allowed to use the gym at a time.

Swimming Pool – Hotel Jen

To obtain pool services of Jen, MVR 199 will be charged for children below 11 years while MVR 499 will be charged for adults. Nina also states that Azur restaurant will be made available soon, with takeaway services.

In order to strengthen the steps taken against the spread of COVID-19, Hotel Jen will disinfect its most crowded areas in every 20 minutes. The hotel also displays a range of posters to spread awareness about COVID-19.

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