Minister of Finance Gives Positive Remarks on Remunerations for Lecturers in the Future

Finance Minister, Mr. Ibrahim Ameer asserted that lecturers will be included in the most recent amendment to pay structures of educators. 

This amendment has increased the remuneration of teachers after a significant period of time and the Minister assured that this will also be effective on lecturers as well very soon.

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Pay structure of teachers received a significant improvement last Sunday, after 15 years of compounding complaints over the matter.

Present, several lecturers addressed their concerns and complaints over their ‘exclusion’ from the educators segment.

The Minister has stated to local media that the ministry is currently reviewing changes to the remuneration structure of lecturers which will be announced.

Furthermore, Minister Ameer has had discussions with senior members of Maldives National University, towards the remuneration amendments. 

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