MWSC Reassures Safety of Tap Water for Drinking

Amidst the lockdown, the public is dwelling over the safety of using tap water for drinking as there is a delay in the delivery of bottled water. Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has assured that their tap water is safe to drink.

MWSC and Maldives Police Service are working together to ensure the prompt delivery of bottled water, however, with high demand, the delivery of water has been delayed. Thus many are considering using tap water. As it will be more convenient taking in to account the circumstances.

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To encourage using the tap water during this time, MWSC has assured that its tap water has met the WHO and EPA’s water standards. In addition to that, they have confirmed that the water they supply goes under quality testing every day at their ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

However, many people have raised concerns over the transfer lines through which the water is reached to households. Even if the meters through which water is transferred is clean and safe, it still has to pass household plumbing. Thus the condition of household plumbing will play a major role in the safety of tap water.

In contrast, many people who have been using tap water previously has noted that they have not experienced any health issues due to it. MWSC Managing Director Hassan Shah has reaffirmed the safety of water and has tweeted a video of him showing the clean tap water from his home and drinking it.

To encourage more people to consume tap water for drinking, a drinking tap water challenge has been going on twitter. Many people have recommended boiling the tap water and using RO systems to purify the water. Others have been suggesting to continue the use of tap water to reduce the waste of plastic bottles.

With the number of cases of COVID-19 increases, many are opting for tap water to reduce social interaction with deliveries and to prepare for a worst-case scenario of a decline in bottled water if the lockdown prolongs. This reassurance guarantees us that we still have access to good drinking water amid the lockdown challenges.

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