President Underscores Significance of Addu City Land Expansion Project for Global City Development

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih highlighted on Saturday the historical significance of the Addu City land expansion project, emphasising its role as the initial stride towards the realisation of a vibrant global city. Reflecting on the long-standing aspiration to transform Addu City into a robust global hub, the President emphasised that the commencement of the land expansion project marks the beginning of this transformative journey.

The President delivered these comments during his address following the initiation of the land reclamation project at the Hankede-Maradhoo intersection in Addu City.

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The administration has identified the development of Addu City as a key priority. A substantial investment of MVR1.5 billion has been allocated for the reclamation project aimed at expanding the land area of Addu City by 190 hectares. An additional investment of MVR179 million is planned to add 42 hectares of land to Hulhumeedhoo Island.

President Solih emphasised the government’s initiatives to enhance tourism in Addu City during his address. He highlighted the synchronised progress of the land reclamation and road construction projects in conjunction with the integrated tourism project in Hankede.

Spearheaded by the Maldives Fund Management Corporation (MFMC), the comprehensive development plan for Hankede encompasses diverse tourism facilities catering to various markets and sectors, encompassing a range of accommodation options such as integrated resorts, hotels, and guesthouses. The President stated that the project is currently in its initial stages and is projected to be completed within two years. Upon completing the Hankede project and other associated developments, Addu City would have the capacity to accommodate 7,000 tourist beds, thereby facilitating increased tourism opportunities in the region.

President Solih reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to executing development projects per the people’s desires. He underscored the significance of the 67-kilometre road construction initiative in Addu City, highlighting the decision to use asphalt instead of the previously intended concrete, aligning with the revised plan.

President Solih’s administration is deeply committed to the comprehensive development of Addu City, recognising its potential to become the region’s primary economic hub. Through an array of transformative projects, the administration is dedicated to creating a vibrant and prosperous city that offers a multitude of socioeconomic opportunities for its residents, fostering growth, and driving sustainable development in the region.

The President is accompanied on his visit to the islands of Addu City by a high-level government delegation.

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