Urbanco Announces Reclamation Schedule for Thilafushi Development

Urbanco has reaffirmed the timely completion of the reclamation of designated areas in Thilafushi, as per the Master Plan. The excavation of Area – E, located in Thilafushi Lagoon, is set to commence on December 18, 2023.

Urbanco’s surveys have identified submerged and long-unused vessels in the lagoon alongside ongoing repair works near the excavation site. Consequently, Urbanco is requesting citizens to remove vessels from the specified area within seven days from November 20, 2023. 

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In the event of non-compliance, Urbanco may enforce Corporation Rule No. G-7/2023, detailing the handling of vessels and objects left in the lagoon, based on “K. Thilafushi and K. Gulhifalhu’s Principle of Dealing with The Vessels.”

For further information, individuals can contact Urbanco’s hotline at 1516. Urbanco remains focused on adhering to established guidelines and timelines for the Thilafushi development.

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