Velana International Airport Accepts Digital Identity Cards for Domestic Flights

Velana International Airport (VIA) now accepts digital identity cards for domestic flights, which is a step forward in alignment with the initiative by the National Centre for Information Technology.

The move follows the issuance of a circular by the Ministry of Defence, authorizing the acceptance of a wider range of identification documents by VIA for checking in passengers on domestic flights.

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Passengers flying domestically from VIA can now use any of the following non-expired documents for the airline ticket purchase, check-in, and identification at security checkpoints:

  • Passport
  • Citizenship card / Digital Citizenship card
  • Work Visa Card / Digital Work Visa Card
  • License Card / Digital License Card
  • Airport Security Pass
  • Photo issued by a government agency and an official document bearing the ID card number

This new development reaffirms MACL’s commitment to enhancing passenger convenience and embracing digital transformation in its operations.

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