Velana International Airport Unveils New ‘Welcome’ Monument

The ‘Welcome’ monument at Velana International Airport (VIA) was unveiled yesterday, marking a significant milestone in the airport’s ongoing development. Positioned on the road as vehicles enter the airport from the Sinamale’ Bridge, the monument prominently features the VIA name board, topped with a large clock displaying the local time. The structure also showcases intricate stone masonry artwork, in line with the design of the new terminal.

The unveiling ceremony was led by Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) CEO and Managing Director Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed, alongside Deputy Managing Directors Mohamed Lam’aan and Mujuthaba Latheef.

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The development of the new terminal at Velana International Airport is progressing, with part of the terminal expected to be completed by November. MACL is currently making arrangements to commence services in the new section. The entire terminal is scheduled for completion by late next year.

To expedite the project, the Maldivian government has secured funding amounting to USD 100 million from the Saudi Fund for Development and USD 80 million from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

Once completed, the new terminal will significantly enhance the airport’s capacity, catering to approximately 7.5 million passengers annually. Additionally, it will create 1,800 new jobs and enable the airport to accommodate services from more airlines, beyond the 30 that are currently in operation.

This latest development at Velana International Airport underscores the Maldives’ commitment to improving its infrastructure to support growing tourism and economic activities in the region.

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