10 Stunning Photos and Videos by Dynamyst that Captures the True Beauty of Maldives

Dynamyst, a reputed content creation studio based in Maldives is helping pave the way for the next level of digital marketing in Maldives tourism. After securing the market for aerial photography in the early stages, Dynamyst has been providing a variety of digital content creation services to an increasing list of clients. Now Dynamyst takes on the ambitious project: Maldives Virtual Tour to create a 360-degree virtual tour for the entire country.

We bring you 10 stunning photos and videos by Dynamyst that has surely captured the true beauty of the island paradise.

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1. See the white sandy beaches of Furaveri Maldives via a 360° video:

2. The best type of aerial photography –  a 360° aerial photo of Adaaran Prestige Vadoo:

3. Dive into the pool at Furaveri Maldives through this 360° photo:

4. It’s definitely time to #VisitMaldivesNow – check out the video created by Dynamyst:

5. Take a look at the natural beauty of Reethi Faru Resort with this 360° aerial photo:

6. Romantic dinner setting at the Ginifati restaurant in Heritance Aarah through Dynamyst eyes:

7. A 360° photo of the capital, Male’:

8. Sunset hues at its best through a 360° photo at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo will definitely take your breath away:

9. Take a look around Hulhumale from the center top in this 360° photo:

10. A fine day for a visit to Adaaran Select Meedhupparu:

Dynamyst is a part of Orca Media Group.

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