Bid Deadline Extended for 6 Islands to be Leased for Agricultural Purposes

Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture has extended the bid deadline for the six islands to be leased for agricultural purposes.

Previously, the deadline for bid submission was 20th December 2020, 1300HRS. However, the Ministry has extended the deadline to 27th December 2020, 1300HRS.

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According to the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture, the bid submission process was delayed due to the postponement of its pre-bid meetings for 3 days and to provide more time for interested parties to prepare the necessary documents.

The islands being leased are HA. Madulu (16.1 hectares), Sh. Kakaaeriyadhoo (14.6 hectares), Sh. Neyo (20.6 hectares), N. Tholhendhoo (16.8 hectares), Baa. Maaddoo (26.6 hectares) and Gdh. Oinigilla (13.5 hectares).

The Ministry said that the bid documents would be available in the ministries meeting hall during government working hours.

As part of the Strategic Action Plan (SAP), the islands will be leased out for a period of 21 years. The Ministry had declared a rate of MVR 0.10 per square feet for these islands in order to assist the investors and increase their revenue. Moreover, 30% of the land is to be utilized to produce what the Ministry requests the winning bidders to.

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