Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Women, Green Lantern are few of the DC universe superhero names we grew up with. In business terms, these are the DC brands they infused in us in our childhood. Successes and failures of DC universe is a good business case study to understand the business world. Here are some facts we thought will connect to the Maldives business community

Batman, Superman, Wonder Women and other superheroes as Brands

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DC superheroes are brands. Individually lot of thought and effort has been put in to develop this characters and indeed it took its own time to become familiar names among the general audience. Brands cannot be developed overnight, it needs a successful strategy, time, investment and most of all a value that it stands for, or represent.

Batman Vs Superman

The most loved and followed characters came together to create a synergistic effect under the tagline “Dawn of Justice”. Surprisingly the combination of the two failed. The lesson, merging two brands doesn’t always mean it will lead to success. The product or service combined should reach the expectations and if the outcome (Story Plot) doesn’t fit in, it might not work. In the corporate world, it’s common where popular brand mergers & acquisitions fail unexpectedly.

Wonder Women

Wonder woman’s success story itself is a lesson we all should appreciate. Often we undermine the role of women in business. They can be equally good or even better when it comes to delivering results. Also, unexpected brand success is a common factor in the business world. We will never know which brand will make it to the top unless we tried.

Batman Trilogy

Christopher Nolan’s batman trilogy is the perfect example how a well thought plot, supporting characters and eventual build up can bring success. The Dark Knight making a box office record is not a miracle but an excellent marketing and PR work with a good brand. Lesson, a well-planned and thought strategy will lead to success.

Suicide Squad

Why only superheroes? What about the Anti- Heroes? Better the villains are greater the superheroes. The lesson, often we undermine the competitors. When competitors come together they can play a significant role towards or against your business. Always keep a tab on competitors. Suicide Squad paved the way to Justice league.

Justice League

The ultimate challenge for DC universe. How can all these characters come together for a bigger purpose? If the fusion doesn’t work, DC Universe will pay dearly as it did in the past. The lesson, a company will have to deal with multiple brands. Some are popular & successful, some struggle and some have the potential and need to be nurtured. A re-visit to the BCG matrix with periodic intervals can be a healthy practice.

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