The Tourism Industry in the first 100 days of Hon. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

Guesthouse Conference 2017

As part of his promises to the country in his first 100 days of reign, Hon. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that the 2019 budget will include approximately MVR 104.2 million for tourism-related purposes. This amount is said to be thrice the usual amount, making it the first time that the Maldives has seen such a large budget for the industry.

In addition to expanding the budget, he also stated that a notable sized gathering of guesthouses will also be happening within these 100 days. There will be an increase in the marketing efforts made to expose the Maldivian tourism industry to more influential and renowned markets.

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His Excellency also proposes to improve the tourism industry as a whole so that we can provide the most satisfactory service in such a way that we become an eminent tourism market in the international market. 

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