HPA Closes 22 More Businesses for COVID-19 Safety Guideline Violation

Photo by: Avas

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has announced that the Agency temporarily suspended 22 more businesses in the Greater Male’ Area that had violated the safety guidelines established by the agency in response to the global pandemic.

HPA initiated a mass inspection to ensure if the businesses follow the safety guidelines issued by the agency to control the spread of the virus. The inspection was carried out on cafés, restaurants, gyms, fitness centres, salons and markets of the greater Male’ region. This inspection was followed by another mass inspection, last week.

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According to HPA, the agency has inspected 135 businesses from which 11 businesses were temporarily suspended for guideline violation on Sunday (2nd August 2020). This includes 7 cafés and restaurants, 9 shops, 4 salons and barbershops along with 1 market and 1 spa.

HPA informs that the agency in total has now inspected 510 business establishments from which 142 were found violating the safety guidelines issued. These 142 business establishments detail to 62 cafés and restaurants, 58 shops, 19 salons and barbershops along with 2 markets and 1 spa.

This inspection was initiated at a time the country has faced a community outbreak which has resulted in an increased number of COVID-19 cases. According to HPA, the suspended business establishments will be allowed to reopen upon remedying the violated safety guidelines and informing the authority.

HPA has recently declared wearing masks as mandatory for individuals outgoing in the Greater Male’ area. Maldives has confirmed a total of 4164 cases of COVID-19 till date, and the number is seeking to grow in the upcoming days.

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