Maldives Experiences First Tourist COVID-19 Case After Border Reopening

Maldives has experienced its first tourist COVID-19 case as a tourist that arrived in the Maldives on 26th July 2020, tested positive for COVID-19.

This is reportedly the first time a tourist has been tested positive for the virus since the borders of the country reopened on July 15.

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Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) Spokesperson Dr. Nazla Rafeeq has clarified that a tourist arrived to Maldives on 26th July has been tested positive for the virus. She further stated that the individual did not show any sign of the virus and was tested randomly when they found out.

According to Dr. Nazla, the appropriate procedure and safety measures for such a situation has been followed regarding the case. No tourist arrivals in the country has exhibited any symptoms of the virus, since the reopening of borders, HEOC further stated last night.

At last night’s press, Dr. Nazla highlighted the records of travel, stating that there had been 3,057 arrivals to the Maldives since the borders reopened. This is including tourists and local travelers. She also added that 2,130 individuals had traveled out of the country since the border reopening.

Maldivian borders reopened after three months in lockdown due to COVID-19. Immigration records show that so far, the Maldives had received 904 tourists within just ten days. The Maldives has so far confirmed 3,302 cases of the pandemic virus so far, with the majority figures now recorded as locals.

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