Maldivian to Charge USD 300 and USD 265 for Repatriation Flights

Maldivian has released that they charge USD 300 to those who are willing to come back to the Maldives in repatriation flights Maldivian has arranged for Colombo and USD 265 to those who are coming from Kochin.

Maldivian has arranged two flights to Colombo and one flight to Kochin. They will be arranging more flights if more people register to return back to the Maldives.

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Industry experts have stated it could be cheaper since its just one-way tickets and they are operating a ghost flights to the destinations.

India and Sri Lanka are currently in lockdown, many Maldivians residing in these countries are unable to return to the Maldives.

The government has stated that they are talking with other countries as well, to bring back Maldivians stuck in those countries during the lockdown.

Maldivian has arranged these special chartered flights amid the lockdowns in these countries, which could be one of the reasons why the rates are as such.

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