Ministry of Finance Initiates MVR 2.6 Billion T-Bill Offering to Support Government Expenditures

The Ministry of Finance has initiated the issuance of Treasury Bills (T-bills) valued at MVR 2.6 billion to support government expenditures.

The T-bill offerings by the Ministry are as follows:

  • MVR 1.49 billion with a 28-day maturity period.
  • MVR 215 million with a 99-day maturity period.
  • MVR 658 million with a 182-day maturity period.
  • MVR 322 million with a 364-day maturity period.
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These T-bills carry interest rates ranging from 3.50 percent to 4.60 percent. The government procures T-bills from sources such as the pension fund, select banks, and certain state-owned enterprises. Furthermore, private sector entities also participate in the acquisition of T-bills to support government financial operations.

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