Ministry of Planning Awards Contracts for Land Reclamation Projects to Boost Airport Development

The Ministry of Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure has recently awarded contracts for land reclamation projects in B. Thulhadhoo, Th. Vilufushi, and B. Bileffahi for Airport Development.

The project was awarded to Capital Marine and Civil Construction Private Limited, a renowned Sri Lankan company. The agreement was officially executed by Director General Fathimath Shana Farooq, representing the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure, and Managing Director Sivaraja Manivannan, representing Capital Marine and Civil Construction.

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Capital Marine and Civil Construction have already been entrusted with the task of reclaiming an additional 20 hectares of land from Thilafushi, aligning with the comprehensive master plan for Thilafushi’s development.

With a total budget of USD 42.4 million (MVR 654 million), the three projects have been assigned a nine-month timeframe for completion. Within this period, the ambitious initiatives aim to reclaim significant areas of land to support the development of the respective airports.

Specifically, the project entails reclaiming 44.70 hectares of land for Thulhadhoo Airport, 56.34 hectares for Vilufushi Airport, and an additional 56.34 hectares for Bileffahi Airport. These vast land reclamation efforts signify a dedicated commitment to improving infrastructure in these regions.

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