President Announces Plans to Develop Senior Centres Across the Country

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced on Thursday his plans to develop community centres for seniors and the elderly across the country. He made the statement in his address at the function in Dharubaaruge to confer the National Award for Public Service.

He was joined at the function by First Lady Fazna Ahmed, Vice President Faisal Naseem, cabinet ministers, State dignitaries, and senior officials of government offices and institutions. In his address, President Solih said the senior centres would serve as places for pensioners and the elderly to meet and socialise and offer various services ranging from social support and entertainment to wellness and help increase their participation and contributions in societal matters.

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Congratulating the recipients of the National Award for Public Service, President Solih extended his gratitude for their sincere, invaluable and long service to the nation. He especially noted the more than 50 years of service rendered by Ms Sabira Waheed and Mr Ismail Rasheed, who served for nearly 50 years.

On the plans to develop senior centres, President Solih said the facility in Malé would be located on the old “Naadhee land,” which also served earlier as the People’s Majlis. He added that the administration plans to develop seniors centres across the country.

In conclusion, President Solih expressed hope that the new centres, once completed, would serve as places which offer seniors and the elderly happiness and joy.

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