Building the Maldives’ First Ever Smart City, Brick by Brick

    Hulhumale’, the reclaimed sibling of capital city Male’, is the culmination of the nation’s efforts to reimagine its focus towards being resilient, in both an economical and environmental sense. Often dubbed as a “city of hope”, Hulhumale’ has accomplished, and begun a number of smart island initiatives. Over the course of two decades, the ambitious island has reached many smart city goals, proving the island’s vulnerability to climate change of little importance.

    Housing Development Corporation (HDC), a 100% government-owned enterprise, undertakes the overall planning and building of Hulhumale’. Currently working towards creating Hulhumale’ to become the nation’s first sustainable venture, the corporation undertakes projects of hospitality, industrial, recreational, commercial and residential in nature, while introducing new opportunities on a scale previously never seen before in the country.

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    According to HDC, Hulhumale’ is developed with thoughtful consideration, for social, economic and environmental impact. Built for resilience, environmentally sound transportation systems are expected to come into operation, together with the introduction of green architecture and generation of green energy within the city, highlighting the initiative of developing the first ever smart city in the Maldives.

    What’s more, the city will introduce FIBRE OPTIC GPON network replacing the traditional cables used for the ICT services creating a higher quality of life for residents, and a brand-new attraction for investors. In Hulhumale’ Phase II, HDC has initiated an Open Access Network deployment which will pave way in terms of economic evolution, digitalization of government services, businesses and lifestyle of the residents of the island city. As such, this network serves as a digital solution that will transform the whole socio-economic outlook of the Maldives.

    Indeed, a high-speed network infrastructure is essential to cater to current and future demand in any city, providing high speed internet, video, data, telephone and other network services. Stepping into the digitalized world, it is vital to develop high speed network connectivity in evolving cities. A well-run network will provide numerous opportunities, not only by encouraging the growth of the digital economy but by providing smart services.

    The new Open Access Network will future-proof Hulhumale’; a network that has a higher capacity to deliver reliable connectivity with an ability to make huge leaps over time. The fiber infrastructure will give Hulhumale’ high speed internet and enable the opportunity to implement smart city applications such as waste management, smart parking and connected streetlights creating an attractive environment for both businesses and resident to thrive.

    Distinguished from rest of the islands of the Maldives, Hulhumale’ is the only island being developed as a smart and safeguarding city for all.

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