Customers’ needs and wants are changing at a rapid phase. With the changes in the external and internal environment customers are now looking for convenience, lower prices and value for money. The industry of logistics and distribution is one of the most effected. Logistic can play a significant role in achieving strategic marketing objectives. It can be a value addition, it can be a competitive advantage or it can be even the prime selling point as it did for Domino’s a decade ago.

Drone Delivery

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The next five years will be important for markers as it will be deicing the fate of future customers. Customers are much focused towards Omni- channel experience. With the increase in online purchasing, online apps and shop stores a convenient and efficient delivery method is at demand.

Mostly online orders are placed for electronics, wearables, clothing and home improvement items.According to large retailers such as and Wal- Mart; products which are less than 5 pounds accounts for 70% of the sales. Also it is within a 5 mile radius from the delivery store.

Ideal Solution; “Drone Delivery”. Organizations will be able to door deliver the ordered products despite the traffic and weather conditions at much less time than a conventional delivery method. Also it will be

comparatively economical in certain situations. It is understood according to the research that customers will be willing to pay a premium to get the deliveries faster and to minimize the efforts. Therefore “Drone Delivery” will be a possible reality in the near future however the aviation regulations and security and safety conditions should be considered.

Maldives will be a great challenge for “Drone Delivery” concept as the geography, housing and other infrastructure facilities are quite different from rest of the world. However, with rest of the world moving towards new technologies and trends there can be a customized version which will suit Maldives.

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