Bank of Maldives Donates Educational Tools to Aid SEN Classes

Bank of Maldives has donated educational tools to equip Special Education Need (SEN) classrooms in 10 schools. 

The donation was made as part of the Bank’s CSR strategy to support persons with disabilities and will aid more than 260 students to develop their individual abilities and positively impact learning and development in an inclusive environment.

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The donation was made to:

  1. Mulak School, M. Mulah
  2. Maradhoo School, S. Maradhoo
  3. Maavashu School, L. Maavah
  4. Veymandhoo School, TH. Veymandoo
  5. GA. Education Centre, GA. Villingili
  6. Thaa Atoll Education Centre, TH. Thimarafushi
  7. Hanimaadhoo School, HDh. Hanimaadhoo
  8. Haa Dhaalu Atoll School, HDh. Vaikaradhoo
  9. Noonu Atoll Education Centre, N. Velidhoo
  10.  Nolhivaranfaru School, HDh. Nolhivaranfaru

In the past three years, the Bank has donated educational tools to 30 schools across the country to support students in Special Education Need classes.

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