Corporate Resident Maldives – Privileged Services for Foreign Investors

The Corporate Resident Maldives, a special investor scheme, introduced by the Government of Maldives, to recognize the contribution of foreign investors and their investments to the development of Maldives.

In recognition of the essential role of foreign investments to our development and prosperity, the government is committed to provide privileged treatment that matches the premium brand image of Maldives.

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The Corporate Resident Maldives scheme is the first of its kind, introduced by the Government of Maldives to facilitate seamless and speedy services to investors in Maldives. For significant and large investors joining this privileged investor club, the scheme will take the service standards to a new level.

The Corporate Resident Visa (CR Visa) issued under the Corporate Resident Maldives scheme, will provide superior services to investors at the point of entry into the country, while the Corporate Resident Card will guarantee streamlined and hassle free services, during their stay in Maldives and in conducting business operations.

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Investors and investments meeting the following eligibility criteria are invited to apply for the Corporate Resident Maldives scheme.

  1. Investors with USD 50 million or more invested in Maldives.
  2. Investors maintaining a deposit of USD 1 million at a Maldivian bank for a period of not less than 2 (two) years or who has invested in a financial security.
  3. Investors who have invested at least USD 1 million in real estate, approved by government authorities. 


  • Investors who qualify as a Corporate Resident Maldives is entitled to the following benefits and privileges;
  • An exclusive Corporate Resident Maldives card to access privileged services.
  • Zero duty levied on land vehicles or marine vessels imported to Maldives for personal use.
  • Free access to airport VIP lounge.
  • Allowed to employ foreign employees in the household.
  • Residency visa and benefits for investor, investor’s spouse and dependents under 18 years of age for the duration of the CR Visa.
  • Fast track services from all government authorities and state owned companies.


The CR Visa and the Corporate Resident Card is issued to the following qualifying foreign investments and investors.

  1. The Investor.
  2. Investor’s spouse and dependents under 18 years of age.
  3. Board Directors and nominated 5 Executives of any listed company.
  4. Shareholders and Board Directors of non-listed companies registered in Maldives.
  5. Partners in a Partnership, registered in Maldives.


For all eligible and qualifying investors, the CR Visa and the Corporate Resident Card will be issued for the durations specified below;

  1. For the duration of the investment.
  2. A total of 5 (five) years for bank deposits; and for investments in financial security, for the duration of the investment.
  3. For the duration of the title lease period.

The CR Visa, Corporate Resident Card and the privileges entitled will be cancelled if the investment is sold, discontinued, change hands or the investor violates the Laws of the Maldives.


An administrative processing fee of USD 2,000 (two thousand) will be levied to process the application.


Foreign investors who desire to join the Corporate Resident Maldives scheme, are invited to submit the application form and the supporting documents stated in the form to the designated Ministry, as follows.

Tourism related investors shall submit the application to Ministry of Tourism.

For Non-tourism related investments, all applications shall be lodged to Ministry of Economic Development.


Investors with a valid CR Visa and Corporate Resident Card shall apply to renew the documentation every 5 years. In the event of the expiry of the passport, application shall be submitted to renew the CR Visa.

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