Like in every other society, In Maldives there is rapid increase in mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, higher stress, OCD, bulimia, body dysmorphia  etc. People with mental stress are more likely to suffer from many other health issues such as anorexia, obesity, higher blood pressure and coronary heart disease. There is growing evidence that such disorders has increased among the teenagers and young adult in recent years and reported cases are alarming and getting worst by the day.  As a result there is tendency towards the increase in low self esteem , violence, drug abuse and even suicide.

Researchers have found that living close to nature and active lifestyle helps to improve and recover from mental health issues in great deal. Nature around us (sun, sand, beach and sea in our case) is a natural blessing from the environment to reduce mental health stress.

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As corporate wellness is gaining higher popularity in the recent years their is potential business opportunity for entrepreneurs. As traditional sailboats (rialu dhoani or riya dhoani) are strongest symbol of your culture and craftsmanship.

Riyalu dhoani is something we are proud of, an inspiration from traditional sailing can be converted into intergraded business model which can be used to overcome one of these serious social issues in your country as well as it will help to increase awareness about our culture.

Introducing sailing club integrated with rehabilitation service targeted for teenagers and young adults will not only boost their mental health but also their physical health and overall well being   will be increased.  It can also consider corporate wellness initiative.

There is huge potential for sailing club in Maldives since limited availability, while water sports is a developing trend among youth.  Therefore scope of “Rehabilitation sailing” can be further expanded targeting tourists .

Fathmath Shifa - HWU / Y3


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